22 March 2017
2017. március 23. 

2017. március 24.

Fotó: Thaler Tamás

Conference and Exhibition motto:

The role of non-destructive testing and the NDT personnel in technical development

No technical development can be imagined without the use of advanced material testing methods and the experts proficient in material testing and in using such methods.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and technical diagnostics provide the design engineers, manufacturers and operators with an efficient, value-adding tool which can decrease the risks of safety inherent with the use and operation of hazardous plants and equipment. The results and findings of the tests are key implements used by the owner, the operator and the regulatory authorities in making their decisions.

Development of the technical sciences facilitates the development of new methods which contribute to the completion of the tests with improved accuracy and reliability.

The new methods and the fact that the inspectors’ proficiency is of outstanding importance among the components of the quality expected from non-destructive testing, make high-level and continuous training and reliable appraisal of the excellence of their knowledge an indispensable factor. MAROVISZ has, in the recent past, paid particular attention to the development of curriculum and exam methods meant to ensure advanced education of experts.

Péter Trampus
President of MAROVISZ